As stated in the St. John constitution, “The basic objectives of the Finance Ministry are to oversee and support the work of the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer; to develop an overall financial plan including the annual budget process; to arrange for the annual audits of all financial accounts of the congregation; and to oversee the general financial operations of the congregation.”

·         The ministry team includes the Treasurer who reviews bills and expense requests and signs checks, the Financial Secretary who monitors income and schedules counters to accurately record and deposit offerings, the Pledge Secretary who records the giving by members and provides statements to them for tax preparation, and the Bookkeeper who records all financial transactions, prints checks, and manages the payroll processing and tax reporting.
·         We monitor income and expenses and provide clear reports to Council and the Congregation
·         Look for opportunities to reduce expenses while not impacting programs
·         Each fall we collect input from the ministry teams to develop the expense budget.
·         Based on past giving history from the Pledge Secretary and the results of the annual pledge campaign, we develop an estimated income budget.
·         We work with the Executive Committee and Council to arrive at a budget to be presented to the Congregation for approval.
·         We support an annual audit by a separate Audit Committee to review transactions and reports.
·         The team is responsible for developing and monitoring the use of policies related to the finances of St. John.