Facilities Ministry

Our Task:

The Facilities Team at St. John is lucky to have a relatively new facility to work with, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have challenges as we consider how to most effectively provide the kind of support that our congregation needs to fulfill its mission - making sure:

· Everything is clean and ship-shape

· The building is safe and accessible

· The grounds and landscaping are neat and attractive

· Most of all, the congregation should be proud of our facility. 

We know things don’t get fixed by themselves, so while we do arrange to have special crews attack some projects, we try to concentrate our efforts on two workdays each year – the “Spring Fling” and “Fall Leaf Festival” for the congregation to join together in fellowship and fun as we spiff up our facility.  You can see when the next workday is planned in the “Events” section of this website.

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You Can Help

While the congregation as a whole works to improve our church's facilities and grounds, the Facilities Team is always looking for those who would like to help with individual projects and perhaps join the ministry team.  We generally meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM but check with Pete Rhoads, our fearless leader, to be sure.  We always enjoy considering together creative solutions for the variety of issues in our facility.  Let us know if you have suggestions for improvements or any needed repairs; there is a clipboard on the wall in the Workroom for notes to the committee. We aim to please.

Some Recently Completed Projects:

  • Installing energy-saving insulating window panels in the balcony.
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  • Providing an interior water turn-off valve in the Sacristy to prevent freezing of the outside faucet.
  • Helping with an Eagle Scout Project to renovate our storage shed.
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Facilities 5.jpg
Facilities 6.0.jpg
facilities 6.5.jpg
  • Installation of new sink in Youth Room.
Facilities 6.7.jpg
  • Installation and straightening of regulating heating register in Men’s Restroom to better control heat in that area.
  • Installing high efficiency, dimmable, LED lighting in Heritage Hall and testing for similar refitting in the Sanctuary.
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  • Providing a radio link modification to our fire alarm system to allow rapid notification of the Sudbury Fire and Police Departments.
Facilities 7.0.jpg
  • Installation of a natural gas line and high efficiency furnace for primary heating of offices and Heritage Hall area.
Facilities 7.5.jpg
  • Installing kid/elderly-friendly door knobs on doors in the church.
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  • Installation of a new walkway and automatic opening doors for ease of entry into our facilities north entry.
Facilities 8.5.jpg
  • Providing a ramped sidewalk for ease of entry into the southern entry.
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Major Projects we are working towards:

  • Septic system pumping, testing, and any needed design improvements
  • Parking area resurfacing as needed
  • Seeding of drought-resistant, easily-maintained lawn
  • Efficient and flexible Sanctuary lighting installation
  • Improved facility efficiency including possible photovoltaic solar array installation on Heritage Hall
  • New roof, when needed, for Sanctuary that will also improve our energy efficiency
  • Facility renovation for better flexibility and effectiveness

If you have even a little expertise and would like to help on any of these efforts, the Team needs your input.